Some odds and ends

I'm not making any big claims about anything on this page, it's just a few bits and pieces that are here for the record so please go easy on them. I made all of these projects together with Julie Mathias.

A table with hundreds of coloured threads hanging down from it so that you can't see what's underneath it.


It's something of a guilty pleasure but I quite like this. We made the first one at Lunuganga in Sri Lanka. The one you see above was made as a one off for an exhibition and sold to a corporate client. We made it as something to hide in, but then when it was in front of us it really looked like it was flying. It's not the sort of thing that ought to exist in large numbers but I am going to make one for myself at some point.

A toilet with an outflow pipe in the shape of a large knot


There's not much to say about this - we made it for Ideal Standard as a way of presenting a different aesthetic for bathrooms that was neither traditional nor minimalist. - which are the two types of bathroom.


Sprinkle is a carpet in hundreds of pieces that you throw and scatter into islands of carpet wherever you want them. The pieces always land the right way up like shuttle-cocks, and their silicone bases make them stick to the floor. Then when you need to clean it, you just scoop it up and throw it in the washing machine. We had meetings about it with carpet companies about producing this for sale but it never happened. Rightly so.