An accidental project (work in progress)

What you see above is a test of a prototype projector - I know it looks like a digital fiction but it is completely real.

I started making projectors when I began planning Melt. I needed a way to lay out the letters and there's nothing that you can buy that's light and portable enough to carry up into the hills whilst being powerfull enough to project onto a far away hillside. However when I started developing a tool that could do the job I discovered that the projector was brilliant in it's own right so I decided to make it into a separate project. The model you can see above can only do single words but my latest one can project text all round a landscape sort of like a lighthouse.

Project Development - first steps:


The images above show my first attempt at a landscape scale projector, it was made very quickly and cheaply as a plausibility test. I know it's not great but it was good enough to prove that with the right optics a relatively low power light can be made to project an image far enough. The letters don't line up because they're individual stencils and I had to move the projector between each one.

Second generation projector:


Number two - much better right! This one has all the letters on one stencil and the projector sweeps through them in an arc. Once I had this the potential to make a moving writing project became obvious.